September 10, 2011

Step 1. Hate the room Step 2. Start fixing the room.....1.5 years later finish the room

This is the awesomeness which was the main floor bedroom of the former Victorian Rose.  Pink painted wallpaper, sweet window swags, ugly ledge, a TV nook, I could keep going.  

So we started by knocking out the TV nook and turning it into a walk through pantry to the kitchen.  Knocking down is the easy part.

 I attempted to remove the painted wall paper .  After 5 hours chemicals, steam, scoring, tools. nothing worked. I made it no where.    I needed a new plan because my fingers were raw from trying to find loose edges.

I started skimming over the textured painted wallpaper with drywall compound, layer upon layer, like icing the largest cake in the world. and the realization that this was going to take forever set in. This is where the extra year came in.  The room became a 'hide the junk and close the door' room and we never quite found the motivation to finish off the skimming.  Until my brother and his family were scheduled in for a visit this summer.  There really is nothing like impending house guests to get your ass in gear.  Skimming, sanding, touch ups became my nightly routine until the walls were as smooth as the babies bottoms who were less than a week away from arriving.  

Paint selected.

Painting commenced.

The cutest visitors arrive and get to watch some 'kids TV' in comfort.

Now to decorate it...  Hopefully we get another motivating visit soon! hint hint.

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