May 28, 2010


So this is our spectacular backyard....

.... hardly any work needed, except for the 5000lbs of cast iron radiators which have been rusting on the deck since 2003...the door in the dormer to nowhere..the ugliest driveway ever, and no privacy.  Albeit it is not a busy street, but there is still no privacy from the few people on the street.
We have put in our application with the town to build a fence but the list of steps involved to get approval to build the fence is longer than the fence itself. Hurray for UNESCO Status... the process involves a  "Stamp of Appropriateness" I have yet to see the actual stamp.....Maybe we'll have a fence by 2015. 

But pretty sure its going to end up more like this....looks boring but in this photo we are barbecuing naked behind that fence. 

May 21, 2010

Dis and Dat

Like Dis and Hate Dat.  I save pictures from decorating sites that catch my interest.  There is usually something in the room that I like, but some parts I hate.  Welcome to Dis and Dat. 

Like Dis: Vintage Fan
Hate Dat: Gold frames

May 18, 2010

Glowing Chicken

So we have our own Seinfeld Episode going on in the master bedroom... no, not the switcharoo... a glowing street light... directly outside our window... very similar strength to the red neon sign which was outside Kramer's apartment.

 While it's not a giant glowing chicken it is still annoying..
 The solution, black out lining and I found some with white on one side and gray on the other... and the gray worked in the room.  jackpot.   half the work half the money.  The lining was $4 a meter and I needed 22 meters, a few pinched pleats later and we have ourselves darkness.

Best after photo ever?

May 12, 2010

Ta Da

After a good cleaning, a few coats of leftover trim paint and less than a meter of fabric from the Salvation Army the spring clean up chairs have been salvaged. 

May 4, 2010

Spring Cleanup!

Every spring and fall the town has a garbage pick up for large items.  This is the towns chance to get rid of crap that's taking up too much space in attics and basements.  My hope is that everyone has been watching the 'Hoarders: Buried Alive' marathon on TLC and fear they too may become a hoarder and decide to just throw everything out. 

While I'm not totally blatant about checking out what people are throwing out (slowly drive my creepy van from pile to pile in broad day light), I do keep an eye out for gems.  And this year I didn't have to travel far.  I was able to get two old dining chairs and a small side table with casters from my street.  I will be making Young Street's old crap young again.

The Drapist

The windows in our house, like most Victorian houses are beefy compared to newer builds.  These large windows are beautiful, but they have to do their shopping at Big and Tall..... our very own plus size models.

There are drape panels available in the 260cm length, but I am quite fond of my arm and leg so the only other option was to make my own. 

Wish me luck.