June 23, 2010

It's a Jungle Out There

This is the courtyard that we were looking at in March during our final inspection. It hadn't been maintained for about 2 years and it was looking pretty bleak.

A month later we managed to get most of the the dead brush out, but then it was looking more like an overgrown jungle of weeds.

After filling bags and bags of brush, leaves, weeds and other ugly stuff we were left with this!

We spent less than $100 on plants,soil, spray paint, sprinkler and gardening gloves after ruining my nails daily for about a week.  All of the furniture, pots, bird houses, benches came with the house, so they just needed sprucing up. Since most of the garden was green we needed some colour, some spray paint on the plastic pots and urns got the splashes we needed.

Trying to get a base for our first garden I started this season with all perennials (and I want the garden to look good next year with less work.) We went with Woolly Thyme, Beacon Silver Spotted Dead Nettle, Periwinkle, Moss Phlox, Pearlwort, Wild Strawberries and Red Creeping Thyme.

Started a vegetable garden in pots this year, and used some old beyond repair Adirondack chairs as their base.

Fence Update:  Request will be proposed at Town Council meeting July 13... the never ending process.  I hope we still have some money left by then to even build the fence.

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