May 28, 2010


So this is our spectacular backyard....

.... hardly any work needed, except for the 5000lbs of cast iron radiators which have been rusting on the deck since 2003...the door in the dormer to nowhere..the ugliest driveway ever, and no privacy.  Albeit it is not a busy street, but there is still no privacy from the few people on the street.
We have put in our application with the town to build a fence but the list of steps involved to get approval to build the fence is longer than the fence itself. Hurray for UNESCO Status... the process involves a  "Stamp of Appropriateness" I have yet to see the actual stamp.....Maybe we'll have a fence by 2015. 

But pretty sure its going to end up more like this....looks boring but in this photo we are barbecuing naked behind that fence. 

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Cara said...

Wow! What a unique property!
<3 Cara