April 26, 2010

My Salvaging Mantra

Last night I was looking through the shelves of books that came with our house, and I came across one that deserved a second look,  Furniture Making and Cabinet Work (1949).  Lots of great chapters on built in cabinetry, finishing, upholstery and other great tips for furniture making and repairing.

One chapter in particular sparked my interest,  Chapter 9 Salvaging Discarded Furniture.  The second paragraph sums up salvaging furniture to a tee. 

"The following suggestions are offered in the hope of kindling an imaginative interest in the possibilities of successful salvage of whatever discarded furniture may be at hand.  Inasmuch as available pieces have already been declared surplus, a boldness of treatment may well pay large dividends, since failure will create no additional waste."

Translation..... go for it

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